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Healing CoVid’s Viral Psy-Ops: Trading Fear for Curiosity …

Subscribe and get instant access to the most comprehensive CoVid Pandemic Analysis at Globalhawk: . Click our menu links above for a free preview. We live in dangerous, yet interesting times… Our mission is re-educate a misled population, and ignite a debate about $cience’s “For Profit” Bias, revealed mass censorship in social and mainstream medias. We ask if draconian lockdowns, and state-sponsored Vaccine Agendas are commensurate with the actual risk of a Pandemic statistics? We understand the ongoing erosion of our basic democratic rights: 1.) Freedom of Expression 2.) Freedom of Movement (Vaccine Passports, Lockdowns, Curfews) and 3.) Freedom of Assembly .. while passive, apathetic citizens sit and watch idly, there is actually something we can all do!